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Wholewheat carrot cake

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”- Winston Churchill.

My very first whole wheat cake !

If you have visited my space before , you might have noticed that healthy baking is not my forte. Guilty as charged! But I recently joined a great initiative by a magnanimous baker to distribute healthy baked goods to underprivileged kids and we were asked to keep the bakes whole grain.

Having never made a cake with atta before , and especially given the little angels I would be baking them for , I wanted to get it just right. Inspired by several recipes I saw online , I figured out a recipe in my head . A “healthier” cake , its 100% whole wheat and has loads of carrots, but it still has eggs , sugar and oil. Its still cake after all !

Let me tell you , until I actually sliced it and had a bite , I was biting my nails nervously throughout! The cake surprised me . It was moist and tasted delicious . It had a certain earthiness to it thanks to all those carrots and the wheat flour , that appealed to me .The texture was perfect for what I had in mind.

I have opted out of nuts and dried fruits , but I think a handful of them would go gloriously here . Also , if you like cinnamon , do add a teaspoon of it along with the sifted flour as cinnamon and carrot are a match made in heaven!


I love how easy this cake is , and how soft. An all time favourite made a little bit more real and a tad more guilt free maybe ?! Wholewheat and wholesome !



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Wholewheat carrot cake Yum
Moist , easy , wholesome and 100 % whole wheat carrot cake!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
10-12 servings
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
10-12 servings
  1. Preheat your oven to 180 C/ 350 F. Line your loaf pan (9 x 4 inches) with parchment paper , or butter and flour well.
  2. Sift together the flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Keep aside.
  3. Whisk together the oil, sugar , honey , eggs and vanilla extract .
  4. Whisk in the sifted flour , until just combined.
  5. Fold in the carrots using a spatula.
  6. Pour batter into the prepared pan and bake at 180 C/ 350 F for 45-48 minutes until top springs back when touched and a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out dry.
  7. Cool for 10 minutes in pan , and then remove from pan . Cool completely on wire rack.
Recipe Notes


  • This cake keeps well for 4-5 days in an airtight container , upto a week in the fridge.
  • I find carrot cakes bake differently , depending on the carrots and moisture content. So keep an eye on it while baking, start checking around 40 minutes .


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94 thoughts on “Wholewheat carrot cake”

  1. Hi Neha… you can try substituting the three eggs with 1/2 cup thick curd and one small banana….

  2. Came out grt. . Lovely recipe. Do post more healthy cakes n cookies..Jus wanna clarify one thing.. is it ok to use honey in different batter. As I am told honey become toxic when heated..

  3. Thats great Neha ! I have heard about heated honey and toxicity too. Honey when heated loses some of its healthy features, but unless you have lots of heated honey on a very regular basis , it will not harm you as such. This is what I have understood by some extensive reading. in this recipe, the two tablespoons of honey should be safe ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Nidhi for trying the recipe . Wholewheat cakes are still very new to me so I am glad this one worked out for you !!! Thank you for sharing!

      1. I did make this cake..though posting a bit late….the cake was super delicious husband n my kids enjoyed every bit of it..thanks a ton…n do keep posting more yummylicious recipes….โ˜บโ˜บ

  4. Hi … have been looking for a recipe for a wholewheat carrot cake. Seems like my search has ended. Wanted to check one thing … have u ever tried replacing the sugar with jaggery powder ? And if yes, does it work with the same quantity ?

    1. Hi Sandhya.. I have not tried using jaggery powder myself. But someone tried the recipe with it and said it worked. โ˜บ

  5. Haii…i have tried this recipe and it came out so well n tasted extremely yummy ….. it has now became a regular cake …specially my hubby became an addict to this ..thank u so much and pls keep posting New once.all the best …

    1. Hi Shinnu…. thanks so much ! I am glad your husband liked it too… Thanks for trying and letting me know!

  6. Hey Akshata! Can I double the recipe?

    And if I was using a round cake pan. Can I use a 7 inch cake pan you think?

    1. Hi Sarala… you can double it ! I would say a 8 inch . In a 7 inch , it might rise up too high . You can try it though. Fill the pan only 3/4th full and bake at 160 C.. keep an eye on it!

    2. I love this cake. However, I’m trying to avoid eggs. Is there a dairy free substitute that you would reccomend for the eggs in this recipe?

      1. Hi Carol.. i really havent tried replacing eggs here… but people wrote in to me after trying yoghurt or applesauce instead
        . They were happy with the results. You could give it a go Carol!

  7. Hi
    I baked this cake. It came out well. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. One quick question – Can I substitute wheat flour with all purpose flour and follow the same measurements. Will it be soft and moist like this.

    1. Hey Tanya…. thanks so much for trying… happy it turned out well! Yes, you can sub all purpose flour here but i do have another carrot cake on the blog with all purpose.. you can have a look there too! Happy baking !

    1. Hi Shirley… i wouldn’t reduce the number of eggs here , the cake wouldn’t have the same texture. Olive oil would work – slightly different taste but otherwise the same texture as with any vegetable oil!

  8. Thanks for your Nice fool proof recipe Akshata. Baking a whole wheat cake for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚
    In case I want to substitute oil for butter/ margarine any idea what the recommended quantity should be ?

    1. Hey Anisha… it would be the same amount butter as oil..not sure about margarine as I never use it , but i am guessing it should also be the same amount

    1. Hi Happiness… The honey imparts some flavour and a little colour. You can replace it with two tablespoons liquid (milk or water) . Or just leave it out and add an extra tablespoon of sugar…

  9. cake turned out great..that too on stove top!!! Very good recipe..thank you so much. I have a doubt though, can i refrigerate the left over batter and use it tomorrow?

    1. Hi Ameena… U can… Bring it to room temperature before baking. The height wont be as much as the freshly baked batter though…

  10. Hi
    I want to make a small cake with just 1 egg. How should I go about with the proportions in the cake ?
    Should I simply divide all the ingredients by 3 and take the quantity accordingly like only 60gms of flour instead of 180 and so on …?

    1. Hi Kshama … i have halved the recipe , never tried 1/3 of it.. you can go ahead and try it. Yes, divide each ingredient by 1/3 where possible..

  11. Hi! Any substitute for eggs and honey? I’m a Jain and can’t use either. I also wanted to avoid using bananas.

    1. U could try baking powder Carol… But i really cant think of another way around the soda. If it helps, u cant taste it in the cake.. whats the reason u dislike it ?

  12. A wonderful recipe… The cake turned out wonderfully soft and moist. I used palm sugar in place of regular sugar and ghee+coconut oil in place of vegetable oil. This one is a keeper for sure. Thank you loads!

    1. Thats great to know Soumya ! With the palm sugar and the coconut oil and the carrots, the cake would have tasted tropical !! Thanks for giving the recipe a go !

  13. I tried it today,but within 5 minutes it was properly baked. I preheated it at 180 degree..super cake it was must saY

    1. Hi Archana… thanks for trying the cake. Glad you liked it. The entire cake would be around 2800 calories so each slice would be less than 250 calories ( assuming you get 12 good slices) . The calories may vary depending on your oil, and other ingredients..

    1. Hi Cathy.. an 8x 8 or 9 x 9 would work fine. Your cake would be done earlier so start checking around the 35 minute mark..

  14. I tried wheat carrot cake make it healthier used brown sugar…nd smeared honey all over as soon as I took the cake out of d oven….it was the yummiest cake I’ve ever made….thankyou so much

  15. A pinch of cinnamon powder and some chopped walnuts will take this recipe to another level! Tried it today…Thank u for this!

  16. I would love to try this recipe Akshatha… It is all just whisk and no beating, right? I don’t know why I suddenly got this doubt. Thought would clarify before giving it a go.
    Thanks in advance.
    Catherine joseph

    1. Hi Catherine… sorry for the late response – was travelling for a bit !yes, its all whisk ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi!
    This is the best carrot cake I have ever made!! It was a super hit with my family, I added raisins and decreased the sugar by a bit.
    Thank you for the recipe

  18. Hi! I found the perfect recipe! So moist and although a bit dense I think it was the perfect texture that matched with the flavour. HAPPY!!!:)

    1. Hi Archana… I have never steamed this Cake but you can try it on stovetop method using a pressure cooker or large vessel

  19. Hi,
    I made this cake today. Turned out well as expected, as I gone through the reviews before finalising it. Just one substitute I need….I found only one fall, I don’t want to add this much vegetable oil. 150 ml is my week’s total intake of oil.
    Thanks for a good recipe.
    Regards Ana

    1. Thanks so much Ana for trying the recipe. So glad you liked it. About the oil, I am can’t help much. Reducing the oil won’t work. The recipe does freeze well. So you could freeze half or more of the cake and then use whenever you wish to eat. Or you could half the recipe and make a smaller cake or cupcakes

  20. Hi,

    This cake made my day !! A big Thanku !!
    A super easy with a wonderful outcome … that too wholesome with whole wheat ..,
    Got many appreciates today ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please do keep posting such wonderful recipes & make people happy
    Have a good day !!

    1. So glad you and yours liked the cake so much! Hope you find other recipes here that work equally well for u.. Thanks for the thumbs up Rekha!

  21. Hi, Great recipe, works very well. Made it with jaggery and added some spice- cinnamon +nutmeg +all spice . Really tasted good and gave it a wintery taste

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