Cream cheese pound cake

“A Classic – a book everyone praises but no one reads. ” – Mark Twain. Sometimes you want swirls of cream in rainbow colours , sometimes you want sky-high piped buttery frosting , sometimes you want layers and more deliciousness in between, sometimes you wants syrups and glazes, sometimes you want chips and nuts and fruits …

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Bars and brownies Chocolate

Cream cheese brownies

“They say laughter is the best medicine.They lie. Its brownies.”  And I’m back with more brownies! This is a recipe I’ve made many many times. The first time I made it was few months ago for work friends and since then it has been a regular request. I almost didn’t post this recipe here bcoz …

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Frostings and icings

Easy Cream cheese frosting

I am not really crazy about frostings in general as they are usually so cloyingly sweet . Funny right, given the name of my blog ! But since I ve started baking, I have found frosting recipes that suit my taste buds.. that is , light , creamy and lower down ( comparatively!) on the sweetness …

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