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Always wanted to make a certain cake but still unsure? Tried some cupcakes but turned out not so good? Curious about some baking recipe you found on the net? Think your favorite cookie is out of this world?

If for any of the above reasons (or with no reason at all!) you’d like me to post any baking recipe, please let me know. I am always looking for new recipes to try ! I will definitely feature it here on these pages .

Email me at [email protected], message me on Facebook or just comment below.

Until then, keep whisking and baking!


  1. Hi…can you help me with eggless banana cinnamon cake . I ve tasted in my office canteen…although it’s called banana cake…flavour if cinnamon is awesome and this covers the taste of banana…

    • Hi Sushma ! Due to some technical errors , I am only just seeing some messages. Will try my hand at an eggless banana cinnamon cake!

  2. Hi ,can you please post macarons recipe here. I trust your recipes a lot ,have tried mocha cake with milk chocolate frosting, hot milk sponge cake , Ferraro Rogers cake. It all came out awesomely delicious. Thanks a lot

    • Thanks so much Teena for trying so many of my recipes ! I actually have been trying macarons for a while but want to post only when i have gotten them exactly right . i think will be posting macarons in a few days 🙂

  3. Hi your recipes have become my bible really !!! Have tried a few chocolate mousse cakes but nothing to rave about- could u help pl, completely trust you to come up with an awesome one☺

  4. Hi Akshatha,

    Can you please share a fool proof recipe(just like your other recipes!) of new york cheese cake. Dying to make one ….

    • Hi Keerthana… thanks for dropping by. I have made New york cheesecake before . Will update the blog with the recipe sometime soon !!

      • Hi Surmeet..thanks for getting in touch. Macarons – maybe soon :-). But I already have a couple of eggless cakes on here that you might like – the coconut burfi cake , chocolate snack cake and the chocolate chip eggless vanilla cake .

  5. Tried ur wholewheat carrot cake ,turned out to b yum
    Wanted to ask how to substitute or rather can v substitute sugar for brown sugar or dates ?

    • Thanks so much Parveen ! You can use brown sugar instead of the white- the cake turns out moister. I haven’t tried dates though!

  6. Hi Akshatha, Can you please give a recipe for eggless white chocolate sponge ? . I have tried your eggless recipes and all came out really well.

    • thanks a lot Shwetha.. eggless baking is quite new to me so i generally like to get it right before sharing. I am trying an egg free white chocolate sponge and will share it soon !

  7. Hi Akshatha, I have many of your bakes bookmarked and hopefully will bake some new stuffs if I am able to shrug off my laziness. I am actually in search of a coconut cake recipe and thought of checking with you. Please let me know if you have any to share.


    • Hi Manju.. its pretty much like making a black forest cake (there s a recipe on the blog). You can use vanilla sponge cake as base or the white chocolate cake.Fill with whipped cream and chopped cherries or even cherry jam . Frost with whipped cream or white chocolate ganache . Decorate with white chocolate shavings. Let me know if u have any queries !

  8. Thank you mam for lovely recipes. I want plum cake recipe.. With Egg.. Or eggless anything will do… Thanks alot… N wanted to know the difference between plum n pound cake.

    • Hey Smitha.. pound cake is traditionally a cake that was made with a pound each of butter , flour and sugar along with eggs and other ingredients. Nowadays people use different proportions but pound cake is a rich , dense buttery cake made with almost equal proportions of these ingredients and made with creaming butter and sugar. You can see the cream cheese pound cake on the blog to see how the texture and method is . Plum cake in other countries is basically a cake with plums in it ! In India what we call plum cake is a fruitcake that is particularly famous during Christmas time and hence also called Christmas cake. This is made using dry fruits soaked in rum or some liquor or juice for weeks and months. The dark colour is generally due to molasses. These cakes take some planning and are baked for 2 to 3 hours . They last for a long time . I have tried a shortcut version of a cake like this cake called the boiled fruit cake. You could try this . I hope this helps !!

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