Bars and brownies Chocolate Cookies

Coffee brownie cookies

    My second most favorite flavor to bake with ( after chocolate of course!) is coffee. Try as I might to be adventurous with my baking, I keep coming back to chocolate and coffee or mocha , which just means chocolate and coffee together. And my favorite things to bake are brownies. So this …

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Bars and brownies Cookies

Nutella cookie bars

  Pretty sure Nutella is the best thing ever that comes in a jar. I am not a Nutella addict. As in, I don’t lather it onto bread and have it for breakfast ( no offense here if you do that bcoz my best friend does so at least three times a week!), but I …

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Welcome to my baking corner!

Hi guys ! I m Aksh.. and i m bitten by the baking bug ! It’s been a year or so now since i first discovered my love for whipping up sweet treats in my oven. Love which seems like borderline obsession at times ! Seriously , i bake when i m happy, I bake …

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